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The premises have a separate and well-equipped Quality Control Department.

The Laboratory is fully equipped for Chemical, Analytical & Microbiological Testing by High skilled technical persons in Pharmacy & Analytical field.

The Q.C. laboratory has the following sections:

1) Chemical testing section, which comprises of the various chemicals and  reagents     required for chemical testing.
2) Instrument room consisting of the various sophisticated instruments such as     H.P.L.C, Spectrophotometer, Karl fisher apparatus,     polarimeter, disintegration     and dissolution test apparatus etc.
3) Microbiological section which is well equipped with laminar airflow benches,
    autoclave, colony counter, incubator and various     biological cultures.
4) Records and Documentation Room
5) Retention sample room
6) Library
7) Stability testing room
8) Packing material testing room
9) G.M.P Training Room.

The following activities in concern with the production are carried out at the quality control laboratory.

1) Raw and Packing material analysis
2) In process analysis
3) Finished product analysis
4) Cleaning and calibration of instrument
5) Stability studies of finished products
6) Microbiological testing.